The second round of lazy plush were released at Pokemon Centers across Japan today.


Excluding the Slowpoke plush that came out on the 10th, this set featured Umbreon








And the best one (hehe) Espurr!

Each Pokemon also had a sleeping version. Similar to Pokemon Time, Umbreon seemed to be the best seller of the day. Sleeping Umbreon was sold out at the Mega Tokyo Center by mid-afternoon, and from appearances, regular Umbreon is not far behind.


I was especially excited for Espurr and Umbreon, and am very proud that my favorite Eeveelution seems to be so popular! The only disappointment for the day was no poster advertising lazy plush round 3. Considering how popular rounds 1 and 2 were, I don’t think the Pokemon Center would just quit, especially since we are still missing Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon before the Eeveelution line is complete. With the I Love Mew Banpresto series just around the corner, the inclusion of a Mew lazy plush seems likely as well.


The Pokemon Center did, however, throw us a small bone: a poster advertising the up-coming Halloween promotion, titled “Mystery Mansion”. What sort of items will be included and what Pokemon will be featured! Can we perhaps expect a Haunter plush?! Fingers crossed that we get more information next Friday to make up for the complete lack of update this past Friday.