Hello everyone~

First up, a big apology for the lateness of this post. I meant this get this up a few days ago and then over the weekend, I got sick and was out of commission for a few days. But I’m feeling better finally and the Miki policy is always better late than never!

This past weekend saw the release of the Lapras & Pikachu travel themed Pokemon Center promotion!

The illustrations for this promotion are so cute, and there were a bunch of neat items included in the line-up.

Lapika Plush

The highlight was definitely the Lapras & Pikachu travel companions plush and mascot plush.

Usually I have an issue with mascot plush not looking quite as cute as the normal sized plush version, but in this case, I think both large and small plushies are adorable and perfect.

There was no cushion in this release, but there was a plush tissue box cover featuring mini sized Lapras and Pikachu plush.

How can you feel miserable when your tissues are protected by these two cuties?

Lapika Phone Case

There were two shell iPhone cases for this release, and no flip cases. The shell cases are designed to fit iPhones 6, 6s, 7, and 8 (sorry X!)

Something we don’t usually see in Pokemon Center promotions: actual dangly earrings and not just studs! When you want to be a little bit extra with a Pokemon theme.

Lapika Cup

There were no Pokemon Center mugs but instead there was this wobble drinking glass. It’s designed to wobble instead of tip over so perfect for those friends who somehow always manage to spill their drinks at your house!

This cute pen is functional and entertaining! The little Pikachu riding a Lapras moves up and down when you tilt the pen up and down.

Lapika Items 1

Other items of note: an acrylic keychain charm, fabulous pouch, mini hand mirror, and two types of towels (hand towel and mini bath towel).

A plastic Pokemon Center thermos, so you can stay hydrated during your own travels.

Lapika Items 2

Not forgetting the selection of stationary related items!

This promotion had a cute memo set in a Lapras & Pikachu box, a sheet of stickers, a ringed notebook, and the famous Pokemon Center A4 clearfile.

Lugia was there, too, crashing the party and looking for hugs.

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center report!

Here is to hoping we get some exciting Pokemon merchandise news tomorrow~

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