Today (March 16th) was the grand opening of the brand new Kyoto based Pokemon Center.


Usually when there is a promotion for a specific Center, a couple items are released that are exclusive to that Center. This time, it seemed like half the promotion was Kyoto only. This, coupled with the middle of the week release, made for a very quiet release day, even in Mega Tokyo which is reknown for being a little hyper. But I’m not complaining! I like quiet release days.


Along with the several items that had been previously announced (see this post) there were a couple “surprise” items, one of which, a full-size foldable fan, was Kyoto exclusive. Us scum in Tokyo did get some nice pens at least.


My favorite from the unannounced items was this phone case. The design is really pretty and I love the Maiko Pikachu illustration.


The notebook was also, in my opinion, really nice.


The star of the show, however, was the Maiko Pikachu plush. There were two exclusive versions of the Pikachu plush (one boy and one girl) but out of the three, my favorite was the non-exclusive Maiko standing version, pictured here.


Ho-oh, the main Kyoto Center logo Pokemon alongside Pikachu, is stylishly included within the kimono pattern.


There’s even a classy Ho-oh on the obi.


And of course, not forgetting Vivillon!

Basically, this plush is amazing and was definitely designed with adult fans in mind.


For those worried about the umbrellas, they are made of sturdy, thicker than you’re probably expecting fabric, which means you can bend and squish them and they won’t lose their shape or get damaged.


As part of the grand opening celebrations, these special Kyoto Center cards are being given out at all Pokemon Centers and Stores across Japan. Customers receive 1 card for every 5 booster packs bought.


These limited shopping bags are also being given out at the moment, while supplies last.


The shoppers feature the Kyoto exclusive Maiko and Okuge Pikachu poses on each side and are 1 per customer.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for card sleeves on Friday and a bunch of stuff on Saturday as the week of releases continues!