The marvelous Meep is back in Japan and was able to swing by the Pokemon Center a few days ago to take some photos, and so here we are with a recap update!

This post will cover a bunch of releases from July 16th and a little before, so hold on to your butts and get ready for a mountain of photos.


Let’s start with the July 16th releases! There was a bunch of items that all came out on the same day this year’s summer movie opened in theaters (intentionally because the Pokemon Center loves chaos) including new Monster Collection figures, a new expansion set for TCG, the latest issue of Pokemon Fan, and the start of the pre-orders for the two New 3DS LL game systems, among others. One of those others was the August Monthly Pair Pikachu plush! These two cuties are all dressed up for a fun vacation trip to Alola.


Another big release for the 16th was the return of the Pikachu Invasion items. There were a couple things I was especially looking forward to seeing, and this hat was number one. Look at it! It’s so cute! It’s a hat with little Pikachu ears!


The Center also brought back the very popular headband with Pikachu ears, which is also cute, but for some reason the hat is cuter to me.


The Center previously sold large Pikachu tails that you could clip to your bag or belt, and for this promotion, they sold a female Pikachu version.


…Along with smaller versions of the Pikachu tails, which were available in both male and female versions.


Another of my favorite items from this promotion: the Pikachu backpacks! This one is actually a small pouch that can hold items like maybe your phone if it’s not gigantic, change, your keys, etc.


As well as a larger version you can actually use to carry bigger things. This backpack would definitely make a good accessory for Pokemon Go-ing!


There were also a couple of stylish t-shirts, including this one with a little fake Pikachu tie print down the front.


The 6th batch of Kuttari plush came out on the 16th! This batch included Growlithe






Cubone, and (not pictured) but also Zorua and Quagsire.


The third batch of All-Star plush from the San-ei toy company were scheduled for release on the 16th but actually came out a week or so before hand. This batch of plush included Igglybuff




Snorlax, as well as (not pictured) Clefairy, Vulpix, Mewtwo, Pichu, Ampharos, Marill, Ralts, Litwick, Zorua, Shinx, Vanillite and…Chillarmy!! Making this the best set of All-Star plush.

Moving back in time…


A new Pokemon Center opened at the Sky-Tree in Tokyo on July 6th. There were two parts to this promotion, with the Sky Tree specific items limited to the Sky Tree and Mega Tokyo locations. One of these items was the Pikachu x Sky Tree plush


smaller mascot plush


and cute little tote-bag. The other half of this opening promotion was all about Pikachu dressed up as Rayquaza, and these items were available all over Japan!



Of course, what is a Pokemon Center promotion without plush? We got a normal and shiny Poncho Pikachu plush



And smaller mascot sized versions!


(See this post for a full list of items from this promotion)


Near the end of June, a Pikachu Gummy promotion was released, featuring a variety of items with a cute gummy candy theme.


Some of the items looked like you could actually eat them, but please don’t!


One of the high-lights from the merch line-up was this squishy gummy Pikachu cushion.


The last stop on our way back machine is the Pika-Festival promotion!


The highlights for this promotion were definitely the plush. Along with an adorable Pikachu dressed up in his best festival gear


We also got these super adorable mascot plush, including Raichu, who is getting merchandise out the butt lately!


Special shout out to Meep for taking these amazing photos!