This post will focus on the Pokemon Center releases from December 3rd!

The star of the day was the January Monthly Pair Pikachu. Dressed as Meowth while also imitating the traditional Japanese “maneki-neko“, these Pikachu are perfectly posed to both welcome in the New Year and bring good luck to the owner.

As with all Monthly Pair Pikachu, one is a boy and one is a girl (as evident by their tail shapes) and as an added bonus, their little Meowth hoodies can be lowered and raised.

Next up, brand new Pokemon With You charms! I guess the badges are out with only new metal charms being made, which is fine, although I do sort of miss those mini badges. At any rate, this release featured Litten


and Popplio, along with…


and Togedemaru!

A bonus surprise to the day was the release of these semi-new Pokemon Center exclusive plush. I say semi new because while all technically were released before, the designs are slightly different.

Highlights from this release were Dragonite




And the two popular kids on the block: Dragonair and Lapras! These two were flying off the shelves, especially Lapras, but with faces like these, how could anyone resist?

The Dragonair plush originally was released near the beginning of November 2015. I love Dragonair and I have a mini collection, but after fiercely debating with myself I ended up not getting the plush then. A year later, and this time I couldn’t resist! Not only does he have the cutest little adorable snout, but he is also poseable. If you collect Dragonair, I can’t recommend this plush enough!

Last but not least, the 5108 Necklaces also came out! The necklaces themselves, like most Pokemon collaboration necklaces, are pretty small and the size coupled with the lighting in the store makes photography a little difficult, so if you’re interested in seeing the different designs, I suggest checking out the Pokemon Center official announcement page here.

The Pikachu “Smile” necklace and the “Mew” necklace were both two of the most popular from the bunch, with both designs selling out quickly across multiple locations.