The Pokemon Center’s first (and quite possibly the most anticipated) of this year’s Halloween promotions came out this past Saturday in Pokemon Centers and Stores around Japan.


Titled “Halloween Parade 2015” (so as not to be confused with any other parades from previous years), the main theme is Pikachu dressed up as various ghost type Pokemon…and Golbat…in preparation for Halloween and trick or treating.


One of the only full sized plush was Pikachu dressed as Golbat, looking very vampiric and even a little goth with his cutie bat top hat.


There was also 4 smaller sized plush, also known as mascot plush, with Pikachu dressed up as Mismagius, Duskull, and Gengar, as well as a smaller Golbat Pikachu. Aside from the Pikachu plush, there was also both a mascot size version of a Pikachu jack-o-lantern…


…and a larger size version of the same design. The Pikachu jack-o-lantern plush was especially popular among collectors, as the Center has released different versions of this similar design throughout the years.


As always, what would a Pokemon Center promotion be without blind packaged somethings. You could try your lack with loose packs, costing about $3 each, or buy an entire box, guaranteeing a full set of 10 different designs of rubber straps.


The Joltik train pass cases were, unsurprisingly, another popular item from the day.


If plush and stationary weren’t exactly your thing, the promotion also had free size Gengar hoodies, Pikachu jack-o-lantern t-shirts in sizes small, medium, and large, and incredibly adorable Drifloon hats.


The Drifloon hats were yet another popular item, and rightly so! Not only is it designed to keep your head warm in winter, but you can use it without the fear of ghostly abduction.


Last but not least, we got a surprise cookie tin! The tin has a bunch of cute ghosties around the sides, including Litwick, Chandelure, Gengar, Mismagias, and Duskull, among others, and contains caramel rusk cookies.


I was especially excited for the Mismagius Pikachu and was not disappointed. This was a great start to the upcoming Halloween season, and we still have Mystery Mansion to look forward to!