February is “Weird Pokemon Promotion” month, and this year’s “Weird Pokemon” turned out to be…


(Although I haven’t finished playing Sun & Moon cough) Mimikyu is one of my favorite generation 7 Pokemon, so I was super excited when I heard that there was going to be an entire Mimikyu promotion, and on top of that, the artwork is really adorable!

There were two main plush as part of this release. Number one plush was the 1:1 sized Mimikyu (pictured above).

Fun fact: Mimikyu is about 8 inches tall. His height does not include the fake Pikachu head since it’s actually part of his costume and not the actual Mimikyu.

This cute and original diorama style plush set was also part of the Everyday Mimikyu promotion! Velcro is attached to the bottom of Pikachu and Mimikyu so you can move them around their base and change the display however you want to.

Although I ultimately decided not to get a diorama plush for myself, it was a struggle because this smaller Mimikyu plush is actually one of the cutest out of all the Mimikyu plush in my opinion. I wish I could get just this Mimikyu plush by himself, but who knows, maybe something just as cute if not cuter will come out in the future!

We didn’t get pictures of the Mimikyu mug until a little before release day. Based on the description, which was “mug with lid”, I had a feeling a small Mimikyu sculpture would be included on the lid, and I was right! The mug features all the original artwork from the promo, and an extra cute Mimikyu lid to help keep your coffee hot.

What is a Pokemon Center promo without a cookie tin! The cookies inside are sandwich cookies, one of my favorites (I say as if all cookies aren’t automatically my favorites).

Mimikyu Phone Cases

The Pokemon Center has started including two types of phone cases per promo recently, which I’m a fan of since I really don’t like the flip phone cases. They’re generally cute, and in the case of this promo incredibly cute, but also completely impractical for people like me who take photos constantly. With that said, I definitely got one of the soft shell cases for my soon to be new phone at some point. Soon!

Mimikyu Sketchbook

Another instant Miki purchase. I love the Croquis sketchbooks, I go through them fairly quickly. How could I possibly bypass such a cute Mimikyu sketchbook? The answer is I couldn’t.

Everday Mimikyu Leftovers

Some other highlights included: stickers, a life size Mimikyu sticker for your wall (not pictured), a tote bag and a matching pouch (pouch not pictured), a longer face towel and a hand towel (hand towel not pictured) … and a watch! Which unfortunately is also not pictured! Why you ask? Because Tokyo Bay is apparently horrendous at stocking anything lately. I don’t think they even had any for sale? At any rate, I did order one! So once I get it, I will of course take pictures of the unboxing and of the watch itself.

This wraps up this weekend’s exciting Pokemon Center Report.

Until next time~