Eevee Collection was released in Pokemon Centers June 6th (Saturday), which was, concidentally, the same day as a huge Love Live event happening in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro – the same building where the Mega-Tokyo Pokemon Center is! My friend arrived around 6 am and was second in line but there was already about 100 or so people lined up outside for Love Live.

There was more than enough people waiting in line for Pokemon that the staff opened an hour early, and it was about the same chaos as most popular promotions.


The highlight of the merch line-up was definitely the mascot plush. Although half the size of the normal Pokemon Time plush, the Eevee plush are minky, so they are softer than the previous Pokemon Time plush releases and they still have the super cute eyes that are a trademark of the line, so I can’t complain about the tiny size too much.


The figure straps, another staple of the Pokemon Time line, are equally adorable, with one big bonus to them being they’re not blind packaged. You want Umbreon? Buy three! The blind packaged rubber charms underneath the straps are a different story. You can buy them individually or packaged together as a box. Each box comes with 10 charms – 1 of each Eeveelution and 1 out of 3 of the secret designs (sleeping Eevee, alternate pose Espeon, and alternate pose Umbreon).


Half the merchandise uses the Eevee Collection tiled pattern, including the phone cases designed for iPhone 6…


…and expensive bags. Not only are you paying for the brand name of the bag, but the Pokemon brand name as well.


These little stickers were advertised as perfect for decorating phones and 3DS cases.


Sticky notes and stickers, also ideal for decorating!


The surprise for the day was the Eeveelution cookie tins.



The tins feature this very cute artwork all over and are perfect for Eeveelution collectors. Use them after eating the cookies to store items, or add them to your collection displays!


The cookies are generic chocolate flavor in the shapes of Eeveelution faces, bringing up the real question: to eat or not to eat?


The shirts were the big sellers, and several Pokemon Centers sold out by mid-day, with no plans for restock. The tote bag pictured next to the Flareon shirt was a bonus item given out at all Pokemon Center locations. You received 1 bag per 10,000 yen spent at the Pokemon Center, with a cap at 3 bags per receipt.


Aside from the cookie tins, the biggest surprise was this poster advertising the next big Pokemon Center promotion. These Kuttari Plush, or Lazy Plush, sneakily reminiscent of Disney tsum tsums, will be released in Pokemon Centers on July 18th, incidentally the same day as the August Monthly Pikachu. Also, this is Part 1 of the Kuttari plush…more information coming soon!