The Ditto Transform line-up of plush came out today!


This mini promotion consisted of two different sizes of plush of Ditto transforming (unsuccessfully) into five different Pokemon. I have been looking forward to these plush since the teaser picture surfaced in the last issue of Pokemon Fan, and it seemed like other people were equally as excited, so I decided to get to the Center at my usual semi-early time of 7 am. This ended up being a little too early, as I was the only person there until closer to 9 am, but that’s fine. It gave me time to catch up on Love Live and enjoy my favorite cafe mocha with my little pal, Pepper.


By the time we were getting close to 10 am, there was a semi decent line, and the staff ended up opening a little early.


The first thing I noticed when I saw the plush close-up was how small the mascot plush were. I had a rough idea of how big the normal size plush would be, and I ended up being correct, but the mascots are all teeny tiny! Although this just makes them even cuter in my opinion. Also, I really love the pastel colors they chose!


The line-up included normal size plush versions of Dittochu








And of course, my favorite, cutiest little funny face cinnamon roll, Ditto-fairy! Here you can also see my attempt at a size comparison between the normal and mascot plush (although I’m still not sure it translates well in photo form).


Along with mini Ditto-Fairy, there was of course also mini Squir-Ditto


Mini Dittomander


Mini Dittosaur


And Mini Dittochu!


No one had to twist my arm into buying both sizes of Ditto-fairy – who can resist these faces?! Here are my two little Dittos with the Clefairy Secret Base Doll for another attempt at a size comparison.


My cutie cinnamon roll Dittos hanging out in their new temporary home with the Chillarms. (Maybe if they hang around long enough, they’ll feel like transforming into Chillarmy!)


To finish this post up, group photo time! Here are the five normal size plush


And the smaller mascot plush.

My thoughts: I was most pleased with how Clefairy came out, followed by Bulbasaur, who incidentally was the most popular Pokemon out of the bunch. I was a little disappointed with Pikachu, in both forms, mainly because of how flat they made him. I’m not sure why they decided to go with the flatter design, but I personally prefer my plush rounder, and I feel like it would have fit the Ditto pastel aesthetic better with a chubby Pikachu.

If you love Ditto unsuccessfully transforming into other Pokemon, then this mini promotion is definitely for you! Don’t miss out!

Until next time~