Hello everyone~

Today’s Pokemon Center report should have included Pokemon With You as well but as I was editing photos, I realized I didn’t take any photos of the With You line at all! So that will have to wait for another day.

But that’s okay because we have a couple other interesting releases!

Ditto Transform Plush

First up… Ditto Transform! Release after release and I never fail to love these Ditto plushies. Look at their derpy little faces! Ditto is just trying his Rubesty and that’s why we love him.

Ditto Transform Mascot

As with every other release since the very beginning, each five featured Ditto Pokemon (Alolan Vulpix, Whimsicott, Absol, Shaymin, and Electrode) had both a plush and a mascot plush version.

Originally, I was only planning on buying the Alolan Vulpix Ditto plush for myself but after seeing them in person, I couldn’t help but get a mascot sized version as well. They’re so cute?! The Vulpix plush also seems a little bigger than than the usual Ditto Transform plush but then again I might just be hallucinating.

A bunch of new Pokemon Center original phone cases were released to some fanfare. On one hand, I love Pokemon Center cases. On the other hand, the designs are sort of very defaulty. Better something than nothing? I still think they look cool!

Flip Phone Cases

There was a mix of flip phone cases, which are designed to fit a variety of medium sized phone types.

Shell Phone Cases

There were also a couple soft and hard shell iPhone cases.

Two styles of earbuds were released alongside the phone cases: one with Pikachu and one with Eevee.

Alongside the phone cases, a couple higher end Pikachu items also came out including two sizes of moleskine notebooks.

Moleskine Notebook

Funny story: up until this very moment, I always thought the brand name was “Moleskin” without the e and the reason why the notebooks are so expensive is because they’re made of mole skins. Well, jokes on me! They’re not made of mole. Also the reason they’re so expensive is marketing. So the lesson here is if you tell people something is worth a lot of money and is from Italy, the fashion capital of the world, they’ll probably believe you.

Moving on!

Part 2 of the very useful Pokemon magnet hook series was released on Saturday. Not only are these magnets but parts of their bodies are extra bendy so you can use them to hold things, like pencils, or hang stuff off of them, like keys or jewelry. I bought a Mew magnet hook from the last release (the tails bent so you could hang stuff off of them) and it’s a great place to keep my keys so I always know where they are (when I remember to put my keys on the hook!!)

Surprise Vulpix

On a parting note, we got some unexpected restocks Saturday morning.

Upon arriving at the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center a little past 10 am, I noticed the Lillie’s 1:1 (ish) Vulpix plush were back in stock in greater numbers than the last restock. I mistakenly thought this meant they would be around for a while. Nope!

Even more surprising was the sudden restock of the Alolan Vulpix Christmas plush. This too did not last long! By the time I returned at around 7 pm that same day both Vulpix plush were gone again.

Will Lillie’s Vulpix return to stores once more in yet another restock?! Next time on… Mikitzune: The Final Frontier