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Brand new additions to the very popular Ditto Transform! Pokemon Center series went on sale Saturday, October 21st.

Like previously released sets before, this most recent set featured Ditto trying to transform into 5 different Pokemon and each Pokemon had a normal size and mascot size plush version.

Ditto Transform Plush

The five Pokemon in this batch were Sableye, Lapras, Dragonite, Magikarp, and Omanyte.

Ditto Mascot Plush

These plush are deceptively tiny, making the mascot plush even tinier, but I think that makes them cuter as well.

While I admit some Pokemon look weird with Ditto faces (to put it lightly) my favorites from this batch were Magikarp, Dragonite, and Omanyte.

Which plush did you love from this set? Do you prefer the normal sized plush or the mascot sized mini versions?

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