Today was a fairly quiet release day, with the only new merchandise being December’s Monthly Pikachu plush.


December Chu is dressed in a thick blanket/coat and holding a Darumaka doll, a play on the traditional New Years Daruma Doll.


Buy him now so you’ll have him to hold on New Years to help bring in a warm new year!

I was meeting up with a friend at around 3 pm and had time to kill, so I ended up making a quick trip over to Tokyo Station to visit the Tokyo Pokemon Store located in Character Street. I’ve only been to the store once or twice, and always with people who know where they’re going, so it was a mini adventure of getting lost several times (my sense of direction is on par with Ryoga from Ranma 1/2).


Once I saw this display, I knew I was headed in the right direction!


The Pokemon Store had an adorable set-up with the new plush around the station master Pikachu, and they even had a mini Christmas tree, which is the Mega-Tokyo Center does not have (maybe soon?)


As always happens on Monthly Pikachu release days, posters went up advertising for the next Monthly Pikachu. With a January theme, we have a second New Years related Pikachu, this time dressed up as a lion. He is pretending to do the Lion Dance, usually performed in celebration of New Years; definitely a must buy especially if you love Entei!

What do you think of the December Monthly Pikachu? Excited for January? Have a general question about Pokemon merchandise? Leave a comment!