Ever since the Secret Base Doll series started along with the release of the Ruby and Sapphire remake, I have been hoping that they would create a Clefairy Doll. It looks so cute in the game, and Clefairy is one of my favorite Generation 1 Pokemon, but a part of me thought this would never happen.

And then yesterday, while sitting around with my friend, Max, I casually flipped through my Twitter timeline and saw a blur of pink. Could it be? No way. BUT THEN IT WAS.


The Clefairy of my literal dreams was not only going to be a real thing, but the release date was… tomorrow?!

We were so excited that we decided we were getting to the Pokemon Center at 8 am the next day. It was happening. My time had come.

After getting only 2 hours of sleep the night before, I made my way on over to the Center. As I’m getting closer and closer to the store, a part of me thought, wow, it’s kind of really early. Watch us be the only crazy people in line. And then we were. But none of that matters because we were first for Clefairy!


I was not disappointed by anything. Everything was perfect.


The Dittos have the best expression.


The Lapras dolls look like actual dolls.


Clefairies are too precious for this world.


I had a couple requests for a Clefairy wings/tail photo and was more than happy to oblige. The wings are perfect. The tail is perfect.


My little cinnamon bun head, so perfect. I picked out two of the most perfect ones for me so I could keep one perfectly perfect and also one to take back with me to America as a travel companion. (I hate flying and he will be the perfect shape and size for cuddling.)


The best find of the day was this poor little guy, the specialist of all the Lapras. It sounds like he will get a home, though, so even Special Lapras had a good day today!