My birthday was October 30th, and as a present to myself, I went on a mini trip to Miyagi prefecture. My main objective was to visit the famous Fox Village, but I was also looking forward to stopping by the Tohoku Pokemon Center in Sendai. As my luck would have it, there was a semi-big release on October 31st, and not only did I get to visit the Tohoku Center, a Pokemon Center I’ve wanted to visit for years, but I also got to experience a special release day at my special Pokemon Center!


My home Center is the Mega-Tokyo Pokemon Center, and it is reknown for being the busiest and where everything sells out the fastest. In comparison, Tohoku was incredibly laid back. I always get to the Mega-Tokyo Center several hours in advance, but at Tohoku, I arrived half an hour early and was still the first into the store. I guess unsurprisingly, there wasn’t that many people there, and I was able to take my time browsing, picking out the perfect plush, and taking photos without getting in anyone’s way or vice versa.


The main release for Saturday was the Christmas and Winter promotions for 2015. Christmas featured Pikachu and Eevee plush, dressed up in cute winter appropriate capes, while Winter’s main merchandise was Pikachu snowmen, reminiscent of last year’s XY snowman starter plush.


The Christmas Pikachu was itself a remake of a similar Santa Chu that came out in 2012.


Eevee ended up looking even more adorable in person as opposed to the stock photo.


The cookie tin from the Christmas promo came out looking very festive as well!


On the Winter promotion side, the snow Pikachus came in two different styles and types. There was 2 different normal size plush, with one wearing a red snow cap and scarf, and one wearing a yellow beret and matching cape…


And of course smaller mascot sized versions of both of the snowman ‘Chus.


We also got the release of the third batch of Lazy, or Kuttari, plush! This batch included Sylveon










And Mew!


To make the day even more exciting, we got a surprise release – Pokemon Center exclusive plush! It seems like the I Love Mew feeling is infecting the Pokemon Center releases as well as Banpresto because suddenly we are getting a lot of new Mew merchandise (I am not complaining!)


Along with the Mew plush, very adorable, we also got Dragonite


And Dragonair! The best part of this plush, aside from the ultra adorable face, is the body has a wire running through it, making it easily poseable.


Happy early holidays!