When I originally glanced through the announcement for this collaboration between Pokemon and Anna Sui, I thought the items were pretty standard Anna Sui-esque and seemed alright.

Then I did a double take over the prices.

My personal opinion: I don’t think any of the items are nice enough to warrant the price tag. The design is so-so and is the same on every single item (a pet peeve of mine) and it’s just the Anna Sui rose with a fairly default art style Pikachu. But if you are a die-hard Anna Sui fan and you want to show off that you have brand plus Pikachu, then I guess you will like these items!

Anna Sui

The line-up was fairly small and included things like hand towels, pouches, a notebook, bags, and jewelry (not pictured here).

Anna Sui 2

The deco tape set with matching box was pretty cute and decently priced!

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report.

Until next time~

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