Here’s a surprise little Pokemon Center Report to help brighten everyone’s day.

First up, Sandshrews were recently restocked so here is the photo I promised from my last post. They’re pretty adorable and super soft.

Moving on… the Pikachu 025 Collection recently added a bunch of stationary and pouches to their line-up. These new items also feature brand new illustrations: a sweets themed design and a Pikachus in love design. Both are so adorable they will give you cavities (okay I promise this won’t actually happen).

There is actually quite a bunch of items included in the update, but here are some of them. Pouches!

More pouches!

Dice bags, in small

and Medium!


Pass cases!

Stationary sets (and pens!)

There are more items than this available (and lunch time related items coming out next month). If you’re interested in buying anything or everything, check out Japan Stuff’s store! (Accessories and Stationary | Lunch Time)

Until next time!