A new site has launched celebrating the magical Magikarp, with a bunch of cute illustrations and information on this weird little fish.


(Click to visit site – Japanese)

At the moment, the site has three sections: Introduction to Magikarp, Magikarp’s Secret, and An Introduction to Fishing. A fourth section, which will include some sort of Magikarp song, will open up at a later date.

Along with the Hiroshima exclusive Carp merchandise mentioned previously, a special “I Love Magikarp” campaign will run through the Japanese Pokemon Center’s on-line store from July 30th until August 31st.


Get cute Magikarp merch simply by purchasing items from the on-line store during this time period!


For every order made, you will be entered into a raffle to win either a t-shirt or a towel. There will be 10 winners in total for the t-shirt (A Prize) and 100 winners in total for the towel (B Prize).


Furthermore, you will receive 1 postcard for every order made between July 30th and August 5th. The postcard design you get depends on what day you order.

Kind of a random Pokemon to have a mini promotion for but if you love Magikarp, this is for you!