Pokemon Center Cafe Sword Shield

The official Pokemon Center cafe will be adding three new Sword & Shield inspired menu items. These items will be available in both Tokyo and Osaka from November 15th (Friday) until January 17th (Friday) 2020.

Pokemon Center Cafe Grookey

Grookey’s Melty Cream Pie Stew

Pokemon Center Cafe Scorbunny

Scorbunny’s Tomato & Meatball Plate

Pokemon Center Cafe Sobble

Sobble’s Blueberry Fruit Sandwich

Pokemon Center Cafe Sword Shield

Along with the three dishes, the random drink coaster selection will also be updated with 6 new designs, including a special secret design.

Name: Menu Update
Where: Tokyo & Osaka Pokemon Cafe Locations
Date: November 15th ~ January 17th, 2020

Pokemon Cafe News

Items & Prices

Grookey’s Melty Cream Pie Stew – 1,848 yen
Scorbunny’s Tomato & Meatball Plate – 1,848 yen
Sobble’s Blueberry Fruit Sandwich – 1,848 yen

※ All prices include tax

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