Pokemon Center Cafe Halloween

Three Halloween themed menu items will be added to the official Pokemon Center Cafe for a limited time starting September 7th (Saturday)!

Pokemon Center Cafe Halloween

Pikachu’s Halloween Feast 2019 – 1,706 yen
Pikachu’s Halloween Feast 2019 w/ Plate – 2,894 yen

Comes with a pumpkin salad for extra satisfaction!

Pokemon Center Cafe Halloween

Ilex Forest’s Genovese Pasta – 1,706 yen

This Celebi influenced dish is chock full of vegetables and basil flavored pasta.

Pokemon Center Cafe Halloween

Zorua’s Halloween Roast Beef Burger – 1,706 yen

Lots of delicious roast beef make this dish extra tasty!

Pokemon Center Cafe Halloween

Starting September 7th, the drink coaster designs will change to Pikachu/Pichu, Umbreon, Espeon, Tyranitar, Scizor, or mystery design. Customers get 1 random coaster with every drink order.

Pokemon Center Cafe Halloween

The table placemats will also temporarily be replaced with the Halloween Festival promotional artwork. These placemats can be taken home as souvenirs, so don’t get them messy while eating!

The new menu items will be available until October 31st (Thursday).

Name: Halloween themed cafe items
Where: Official Pokemon Cafe in Nihonbashi
Date: September 7th (Saturday) until October 31st (Thursday)

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