Surprise Pokemon update today! I guess not so surprisingly since the site was set to update with Pokemon game news anyway, but still! Surprise!



Two new Pokemon themed New Nintendo 3DS LL systems are scheduled to come out November 18th, the same day that Pokemon Sun and Moon drops. Preorders for the game systems will start July 16th through most video game retailers around Japan. At this time, these two designs will only be available in Japan, but there is always a chance the same designs, or similar ones, will be announced later on for sale outside of Japan.

Each system will retail for 20,304 yen after tax and do not come with preinstalled copies of Sun and or Moon.


The Pokemon Petit series returns to Pokemon Centers and Stores on July 2nd with brand new pastel designs! This first batch of pastel plush will include Altaria, Dedenne, Jirachi, Pikachu, and Wailord, and each plush retails for 972 yen.


Along with new Petits, a summer festival themed promotion, nicknamed “Pika-Matsuri” is also coming out July 2nd. Summer festivals in Japan are generally full of fun, food, festivities, and fireworks, and the creators behind this promotion tried to capture that atmosphere in the merchandise and plush.

Full Line-up


Pikachu Festival Plush – 1,944 yen
Pikachu Festival Mascot Plush – 1,296 yen


Froakie Festival Mascot Plush – 1,296 yen
Raichu Festival Mascot Plush – 1,296 yen


Mini Hand Towel – 486 yen
Neck Towel – 1,080 yen


Handkerchief – 1,307 yen
Set of Drinking Glasses – 1,296 yen


T-Shirt (S/M/L) – 3,240 yen
T-Shirt (Kids) – 2,700 yen


A4 Clearfile – 260 yen
Sticker Sheet – 540 yen


Notebook – 184 yen
Set of Postcards – 540 yen

Not Pictured

Acrylic Keycharm Collection – 702 yen
Metal Charm Set – 702 yen
Art Board – 270 yen
Memo Pad – 540 yen
Windchime (Pokeball) – 1,620 yen
Mini Dice Bag – 432 yen


The Hiroshima Pokemon Center is celebrating it’s 1st year anniversary! Although we’re not getting any anniversary promotions, there will be a couple smaller campaigns for visitors to the Hiroshima location.




Starting from June 25th, customers will be able to play a special 1 Year Annivesary lottery for every 4,000 yen spent at the Hiroshima Center. All of the prizes in the lottery will feature original artwork with the Gyarados and Magikarp Pikachu siblings. Prizes include postcards (6 designs in total), a tote-bag, and a clearfile, among possibly others.


Pokemon Store exclusive items, including Pilot and Flight Attendant Pikachu Plush, will be temporarily available at the Hiroshima Center starting from June 25th and while supplies last.


Finally, a new TCG Concept Pack was officially announced. This new expansion set, called the “Mythical + Legendary Dream Holo Collection” is, as can be surmised by the name, a set comprised solely of holo versions of mythical and legendary Pokemon. The release date is July 16th.


Each pack comes with 4 cards, and you are guaranteed at least 1 full art or EX card per pack. 1 pack will retail for 200 yen.


Coinciding with the concept pack release, a special Zygarde set will also come out on July 16th. The set includes 2 special holo Zygarde cards that can only be obtained as part of this set, along with 1 pack each of Explosive Fighter, Cruel Traitor, and Mythical + Legendary Dream Holo Collection. The Zygarde set will retail for 648 yen.

New Nintendo 3DS LL Designs
Pokemon Petit Pastel
Pokemon Summer Festival
Hiroshima Anniversary
Mythical + Legendary Dream Collection
Zygarde Special Set