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Before we dive into this week’s Pokemon Center Report, I have a quick announcement.

Miki Pokemon Halloween Stickers

I finally have my Halloween stickers in hand! There are five new designs for this year including: Umbreon, Houndour, Chandelure/Litwick, Spinda, and Baby Trick-or-Treaters (Riolu, Happiny, and Cleffa)

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This week’s Pokemon Center Report combines two weekends into one, with volume 2 of the Poke-Maniac plush that came out October 20th and Fuwa-Fuwa Paradise (Fluffy Paradise) with two parts: most items were released October 13th with the plush, tissue box covers, and slippers released October 20th.

Poke Maniac Volume 2

The first volume from the Poke-Maniac (Kaiju Mania) series did so well that the Pokemon Center continued with a Volume 2 which, as mentioned, went on sale at all Pokemon Centers & Stores around Japan October 20th.

This set featured Pikachu dressed as Garchomp, Ampharos, and Snorlax (because lately Snorlax is in every release).

I personally love this series and think all three plush came out super adorable! I extra love angry Pikachu.

Pokemon Center FuwaFuwa Paradise Pikachu Eevee

Next up: Fuwa-Fuwa Paradise part 1! Which went on sale at all Pokemon Centers & Stores around Japan October 13th.

Fuwafuwa 1

The majority of items from the Fluffy Paradise promotion went on sale during this initial release.

Merch line-up included: plates, placemats, postcards, plush pouches, hand towels, extra soft ponchos and super adorable scarves, among other odds and ends.

Pokemon Center FuwaFuwa Paradise Pikachu Eevee

Part 2 to the Fluffy Paradise series went on sale at all Pokemon Centers & Stores October 20th and included the remaining merch: plush, tissue box covers, and slippers.

Fuwafuwa 2

The Pokemon included in the plush release were: Pikachu, Eevee, Mareep, Flaaffy, Whimsicott, Arcanine, and Altaria.

Pokemon Center FuwaFuwa Paradise Eevee Mareep

Both the slippers and the tissue box covers were available in Eevee and Mareep designs only.

Mareep ended up being the big seller for this release and quickly sold out at several Pokemon Center locations fairly quickly, but is it surprising? He is both adorable and soft!

Pokemon Center Pikachu plush poncho

As an aside, the human sized versions of the Pikachu and Eevee ponchos from the Pikachu & Eevee Fan promotion were released October 13th.

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report!

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