Today was a day for packages!

I was interested in getting one of the smaller mascot plush versions of the Okinawa Pokemon Center Pikachus, but lacking friends currently living in Okinawa, I bought one through a second hand seller via Yahoo!Japan auction. The seller shipped out my plush a few days ago and he arrived today.


His nose is a little shoved to the side, but otherwise, he is the perfect size for displaying and very soft and cute!

Usually I would follow this up with, “I wish Tokyo had a special little Pikachu plush” but we had one and it sold out quickly. At least our special cute Pikachu will go back in stock soonish (and then probably sell out quickly again).

Another package showed up unexpectedly in the afternoon. I participated in a gift swap on the Livejournal Pokemon community and this package was from my surprise gift partner.


The best part of the gift was this amazing Fennekin mug from the American Pokemon Center on-line store.


The Chillarmy plush included in the package is a perfect size for the cup, which also shows how big it is! I expected it to be a decent coffee size, as this mug and the series it’s a part of are all unique to the American store, but it is a very sturdy mug as well.


My gift partner included a bunch of sour gummy candies (which I love), a small Fennekin McDonalds toy, some Pokemon cards featuring my favorites, and socks from the same Fall Fennekin line as the mug. Everything is adorable (and delicious!) The hardest part is not eating all the candy at once.

I needed a little pick-me-up and this amazing package definitely helped.

Here is to hoping the rest of the week will be great.