Pokemon Center Pikachu Outbreak Merchandise

This year’s Pikachu Outbreak event starts August 6th! Stay cool and look cute during the event with some Pokemon Center exclusive Pikachu themed merchandise, on sale at Centers & Stores around Japan July 27th (Saturday).

Pikachu Outbreak 1

The majority of items in this release are, unsurprisingly, towel related.

The cutest item is the hooded Pikachu towels, designed to be worn around your shoulders, which also comes with a cute Pikachu tail.

There is also an adorable extra large towel featuring a sleepy Snorlax & Pikachu pair.

Pikachu Outbreak 2

The mascot Pikachu tails make another return this year, with both boy and girl designs, along with hats, t-shirts, a reversible bag, and a couple other items that are both function and cute!

Release Overview

Name: Pikachu Outbreak 2019 Merchandise
Where: All Pokemon Centers & Stores in Japan
Release Date: July 27th, 2019 (Saturday)

Official JP Shop News
Pikachu Outbreak 2019 Official Website (English)

List of Items & Prices

Cooling Hooded Towel w/ Tail – 3,000 yen
Cooling Hooded Towel w/ Tail (Child Size) – 2,500 yen
Pikachu Ear Hairband – 1,200 yen
Pikachu Ear Hairband (Child Size) – 900 yen
Hair Tie – 700 yen

Pikachu Tail Carabiner Clip (Boy | Girl) – 1,100 yen each
Pikachu Tail Charm (Boy | Girl) – 700 yen each

Cooling Mini Bath Towel – 2,500 yen
Cooling Neck Towel w/ Pockets (Pikachu face design) – 2,000 yen
Neck Towel w/ Pockets (Pikachu print design) – 1,700 yen

Glow-in-the-Dark Big T-Shirt (Medium / Large) – 4,000 yen each
Glow-in-the-Dark Big T-Shirt (Child Size) – 3,000 yen each
Glow-in-the-Dark T-Shirt Dress (Free Size) – 4,500 yen
Glow-in-the-Dark Shoulder Bag – 2,900 yen

Hat – 3,300 yen
Hat (Child Size) – 3,000 yen

Reversible Tote-Bag – 2,700 yen
Big Towel (Snorlax & Pikachu) – 5,200 yen
UV Cut Hoodie w/ Pikachu Ears (Medium / XL) – 6,400 yen
UV Cut Hoodie w/ Pikachu Ears (Child Size ) – 5,400 yen

Hand Towel (Pikachu 2 / Pika Pikachu) – 600 yen each
Mini Bath Towel (Pika Pikachu) – 2,200 yen
Bottle Case – 1,600 yen
Illumination Stick – 2,200 yen
Illumination Pendant – 2,200 yen
Stick Balloon – 600 yen

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