The Daisuki Club updated with new photos of the merchandise from the 7/18 Pikachu Carnival promotion!


In keeping with the carnival theme, items from this promotion feature Pikachus in festival costumes and other Pokemon dressed up as Pikachu.


The illustrations on this mini hand towel are especially adorable!


This mini memopad is not only cute…


…but useful, too! Each page can be torn out and folded…


…so each page can stand up on their own!


The most exciting news was the introduction of these mascot plush, which Pokemon did not tell us about with the initial announcement of the Pikachu Carnival promotion! Unlike the rest of the Carnival merchandise, the mascot plush will be released August 1st. The mascot plush line-up includes Carnival Pikachu (female/male), Dittochu, Goomy, Mudkip, and Slowpoke.