Oceanic Operetta Pokemon Center

The Oceanic Operetta Pokemon Center promotion was teased at on a pamphlet distributed from Pokemon Centers since a bit ago, but we finally got an official release announcement via the Japanese Pokemon website on Friday.

Scheduled to go on sale at all Pokemon Centers & Stores around Japan on July 6th (Saturday), this promotion merges elegant water type Pokemon with a musical aquatic theme.

Oceanic Plush

The stars of the promo are Milotic, Vaporeon, and Primarina, who in this case really are the divas of the ocean. There will be a plush of each of them

Pokemon Center Oceanic Operetta

As well as mascot plush versions.

Oceanic Items 1

Along with the plush, each of the star Pokemon get an acrylic stand charm (not blind packaged!), a hand towel, a pen (included in a set of 3 Sarasa colored pens), and cute transparent pass cases with a reel type strap.

Oceanic Items 2

The concept is all about a sparkling under the sea image and to recreate that, a lot of the items are pastel, transparent, and glittery.

Pokemon Center Oceanic Operetta

The blind packaged item for this release are mini candy tins, all decked out with glittery jewels. There are 6 designs in total with no secret designs.

Release Overview

Name: Oceanic Operetta
Where: All Pokemon Centers in Japan
Release Date: July 6th, 2019 (Saturday)

Official JP Shop News

List of Items & Prices

Plush (Vaporeon, Milotic, Primarina) – 3,240 yen each
Mascot Plush (Vaporeon, Milotic, Primarina) – 1,728 yen each

Clear Pen Pouch (Blue, Pink) – 1,080 yen each
Cosmetic Pouch – 1,620 yen
Sarasa Marble Color Pen Set – 864 yen
A4 Clearfile – 260 yen
Clear Pass Case (Vaporeon, Milotic, Primarina) – 1,080 yen each

iPhone Case for 6/6s/7/8 – 2,376 yen

Dice Bag (Blue, Pink) – 1,188 yen each
Face Towel – 1,080 yen
Hand Towel (Vaporeon, Milotic, Primarina) – 540 yen each

Sparkly Candy Tin Collection – 432 yen
* 6 designs total

Acrylic Stand Charm (Vaporeon, Milotic, Primarina) – 1,080 yen each
Caramel Style Pouch – 1,296 yen
Clear 2-Tier Pouch – 1,944 yen
Mini Tote Bag (Blue, Pink) – 2,160 yen each
Paper Theater – 2,592 yen
Mini Poster – 432 yen
Post Card Set – 432 yen
PET Stickers – 540 yen

Pokemon TCG Rubber Play Mat – 2,700 yen
Pokemon TCG Card Sleeves (Vaporeon, Milotic, Primarina, full art) – 777 yen each
Pokemon TCG Flip Deck Case – 2,160 yen

Maple Stick Pie Cookie Tin – 1,080 yen

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