I have been flying on my own since I was 5, but my fear of flying only seems to get worse as I get older. I realize it’s not rational but that doesn’t stop me from getting nervous weeks before.

With that said, having the Pokemon Store in the airport for me to visit before boarding helped me a lot! It gave me something to look forward to (other than of course arriving at my final destination), and I was really excited to see the Narita exclusive Pikachu plush in person.

The Pokemon Store is located in Terminal 2, which is important to know because Narita has 3 terminals and most international flights go through Terminal 1. There is a shuttle you can take, for free, that goes between the terminals, which is incredibly helpful. My flight went through Terminal 1, but I had more than enough time to go to the wrong Terminal and then go back. Once in Terminal 2, head for the check-in floor, and then look for the letter P (for Pokemon!) Almost directly in front of the P, past the check-in counters, there is an escalator that goes up to the fourth floor (check-in is on the third). Turn right at the top of the escalator, and the Pokemon store is right there! It’s pretty difficult to miss, because once you find the P, you can probably already see the Pilot Pikachu mural on the wall at the top of the escalator.


The Stores are designed to be a tiny versions of Pokemon Centers, but I still felt this one had a lot of stuff and wasn’t cramped, but it also helped there wasn’t that many people around.


The first thing you see upon entering the store is this large display of the Narita Airport exclusive items, including the two Pikachu plush and smaller mascot versions, cookie tins, handkerchiefs, and more. Every time you would take a plush from this display, a staff would hurry over to fill the hole, making sure it always looked full (and perfect for picture taking).


The Pilot Pikachus have NRT stitched onto their coats, which are the initials for Narita. I was especially happy to get this version of the plush since I already own a Pilot from one of the Kansai region airports, but Narita is and always will be my airport!


Although there are several Airport Stores, only Narita offers the Cabin Attendant variation. Not only does she wear a scarf, like CAs for most (if not all) Japanese airlines, but the CA is definitely female because she has the heart tail!


Here is a close-up of the smaller Pilot…


…and Cabin Attendant. Both are just as adorable as the larger size versions, but easier to carry around since you can attach them to your bags!


Along with the limited items, they also have general Pokemon Center merchandise, as well as stocking the newest promotions. I was surprised to see the Trainers Collection, and they should have the Pokemon Time ~ Eevee Collection ~ goods as well when it comes out June 6th.


There were some Pokemon With You badges that are currently not available at the Mega Tokyo location.


I was especially surprised to see the My Dearest Meowstic cups, which sold out ages ago.


This was my favorite part of the store! Although they have displays at the Tokyo Pokemon Center for what the cookies look like, they don’t have samples you can actually eat. But they did here! Since I bought so much stuff, I didn’t feel guilty taking a sample, and it was really delicious… if the box of cookies weren’t so expensive, I probably would have bought one.


I’m really happy there is finally a Pokemon Store in Narita! I was hoping one would appear ever since the initial Kansai region airport stores opened, but a part of me wasn’t sure it would happen. Apparently this year is the year for dreams to come true!