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Now that I’m back in the States, I’ll be working on creating original designs on a more regular basis (hopefully something to look forward to!)

I also updated my art commission page (which you can find here) with items, prices, and examples of my past work. Check it out and if there’s something I can help draw for you, I’d be happy to!

Welcome to February Is A Slow Month.

This week, we really didn’t get anything… so let’s dive right into that!

Pokemon Center Mofu Mofu Eevee

Kamio Japan has been releasing stationary related items featuring pastel Pikachu designs for over a year now.

For the first time, they are introducing Eevee into the mix!

Pokemon Center Mofu Mofu Eevee

Like the previously released items, this set will be sold at all Pokemon Centers across Japan along with character stores, stationary stores, some Loft stores, Tokyu Hands, and Ito Yokado.

The line-up includes:

Mini Box Pen Case (2 Designs) – 1,598 yen each
Die-Cut Index Clearfile (2 Designs) – 486 yen each
B5 Notebook (2 Designs) – 237 yen each
A6 Ring Notebook (2 Designs) – 626 yen each
Sticker Sheet – 216 yen
Stationary Set (2 Designs) – 486 yen each
Mechanical Pencil (2 Designs) – 378 yen each
Ball Pen (2 Designs) – 378 yen each
Sticky Notes (2 Designs) – 410 yen each

Pokemon Center ZozoTown

Pokemon collaboration apparel will be available exclusively through the famous on-line clothing and accessory store ZozoTown.


Pokemon T-Shirt (Men / Ladies) – 7,452 yen each
Pokemon T-Shirt (Kids) – 3,780 yen
Charizard T-Shirt (Men / Ladies) – 10,800 each
Pikachu/Jigglypuff Knit (Men / Ladies) – 18,360 yen each
Pikachu/Jigglypuff Mini Knit (Kids) – 9,720 yen
Pokemon Denim (Men / Ladies) – 16,200 yen each
Pikachu Sneakers – 27,000 yen
iPhone Case – 4,860 yen
Eevee Pocket T-Shirt (Men / Ladies) – 7,452 yen each

[Nano Universe]
Pikachu + Pokeball T-Shirt (Men / Ladies) – 4,860 yen each
Pikachu + Pokeball T-Shirt (Kids) – 3,780 yen
Pikachu Silhouette T-Shirt (Men / Ladies) – 4,860 yen each
Pikachu Silhouette T-Shirt (Kids) – 3,780 yen

Snorlax Shirt (Unisex) – 12,960 yen
Snorlax Shirt (Ladies) – 11,880 yen
Pikachu Shirt (Unisex) – 12,960 yen
Pikachu Shirt (Ladies) – 11,880 yen
Pokeball Shirt (Unisex) – 12,960 yen
Pokeball Shirt (Ladies) – 11,880 yen

[Delyle NOIR]
Hat – 4,968 yen
Tote-Bag – 2,970 yen
iPhone Case – 2,970 yen
Long Shirt – 4,968 yen

Tote-Bag – 3,132 yen
Hat – 4,212 yen
T-Shirt – 4,212 yen
Hoodie – 7,452 yen

Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Men / Ladies) – 9,936 yen each
Fanny Pack – 6,912 yen
Hat – 7,344 yen

Pokeball Sweatshirt – 6,480 yen
Long Sleeve Pokemon Face Shirt (Kids) – 3,240 yen
Pokemon Face Rug – 5,832 yen

That wraps up this week’s very exciting Pokemon merchandise announcements!

Until next time~

Mofu Mofu Eevee
Pokemon x ZozoTown