Hello everyone and welcome to another Pokemon Center Report!

The first two big releases for February fell on a Friday (February 1st), I guess to shake things up.

Life-Size Eevee

First up: new 1:1 (life-size) Eevee plush!

There were two plush designs in total: normal pose and sitting pose (with the open smile face).

Both are cute and soft!

Pokemon Center Eevee Collection Dot Sprite

Along with the two Eevee plush, a Dot Sprite style promotion, called “Eevee Collection”, also came out February 1st!

The promo included a variety of items based on dot sprite versions of Eevee and the Eeveelutions.

Eevee Collection Cushions

Each Eeveelution had their own die-cut cushion and matching die-cut mascot plush and rubber pin.

Pokemon Center Eevee Collection Dot Sprite Watches

The unique addition to the merch list was a collection of watches – one for each Eeveelution!

Eevee Collection Stuff

Other neat things from the promo included: a set of cute band-aids, sticky notes, a notepad, and (not pictured) phone cases, a hoodie, t-shirts in two designs, decoration tape, plus a set of earrings with one of each Eeveelution!

Pokemon Center Eevee Collection Dot Sprite Socks

And of course, not forgetting the socks!

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report~

Until next time!