We received a brand new line-up of Its’Demo x Pokemon collaboration merchandise semi-suddenly and without much warning this past Friday.


Unlike the last collaboration, which had a very clear “summer” theme, this time the theme seems to be “cute” and “pink” Pokemon, with the main Pokemon featured, aside from Pikachu, being Mew, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, and Audino.


The line-up includes a lot of very cute every-day use items, such as memo pads, stationary and mini letter sets


Compact mirrors in three different designs


Pens and rolls of decoration tape.


This is one of my favorite tape designs (because I love Clefairy and Mew!)


There are two different types of pens, with each pen having 3 variations each. These are normal ball point pens


While these pens have 2 different colors: black and red. The color is dependent on which ear is pushed down.


There are also phone cases and multi cases (basically a phone case with a couple pockets on the inside to hold cards, like train passes)


“Eco bags” that are designed for use when you’re shopping to replace plastic bags. The bags themselves are pretty big and can hold a lot.


Stackable cups in two different designs: Pikachu by herself


And two Pikachu together.


10 different types of nail polish, with some being glitter polish and some solid color polish.


And towels! There is one type of long towel


Along with three types of smaller hand towels.


Although the line-up was officially released on Friday, individual items have been appearing slowly throughout the week. The Its’Demo near my house didn’t stock the Pokemon collaboration until Sunday, and they didn’t get the towels until today. The first location I visited didn’t have the nail polish or eco bags until Monday. There are apparently necklaces as well, featuring three different charms (Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Mew) but I’ve checked 4 different stores and I have yet to see them. (Maybe over the next week, distribution will improve.)

These collaboration releases can be easy to miss, but they can have some of the cutest items!