I’ve been looking forward to June 4th since before I even knew the release date for the Umbreon and Sylveon mascot plush.


Pet peeve: I greatly dislike all the Espeon and Umbreon paired merchandise. I understand why Pokemon does it, and I assume a lot of people like it, but Umbreon is my favorite, not Espeon, and although I collect Umbreon merchandise, I tend to stay away from forced pairings with Espeon. On the other hand, I really love Umbreon and Sylveon together, especially after seeing the Eevee summer short film (Eevee & Friends) from 2013, and so I was both thrilled and upset that Umbreon and Sylveon were included in the same set of mascot plush.

Upset, of course, because of all the three sets of plush, I wasn’t going to be in Japan for the 1 set that had 2 out of 3 of my favorite Eeveelutions!

Thankfully, my husband (Adam) is still in Japan and he was willing to head out to the game centers before heading off to work today.



Game Centers open around 10 am, but because today was the release date for the last batch of mascot plush from the I Love Eevee summer line, most of the centers didn’t have the plush out yet in the machines!


A couple places had their shipments delivered as Adam was standing around, waiting for plush to appear.


Waiting patiently. Or more like impatiently in my case.


This is better!


From what I heard, it sounds like the machine difficulty was similar to how it’s been for the past two releases: not easy. It should get a little easier over the next week or so, but considering how popular Sylveon is (and Umbreon!) I’m not sure how long these plush will last.


Adam was able to win at least 1 of each plush! I especially love this Sylveon because of the head tilt.


All the Umbreons have tiny frowns, which is perfect. I love how grumpy he looks!


And of course, Espeon. As mentioned, I’m not an Espeon fan, but her little smile is still cute.


The release of the I Love Eevee mascot plush starts the Eeveelution weekend a little early. Saturday will bring us the Pokemon Time promotion, and pre-orders for necklaces start as well. Stay tuned for more Eevee!


(Speaking of Pokemon Time, there is still time to order Eevee plush from the Pokemon Time promo! Check out my friends store – Hoshiiya.com and satisfy your Eevee craving)