A new high quality Pokemon figure, exclusive to the Premium Bandai on-line store, was announced and is currently on pre-order status.

The Brock figure is billed as being “such high quality that it surpasses everyone’s expectations”.


The figure is modeled after the original Pokemon Red/Blue dot sprite of Brock as the rock gym leader.


His upper body is beautifully muscled as befitting a true rock gym leader.

Sugimori hinted on his Twitter shortly after pre-orders went live that there might be more coming in this series. He also mentioned if this were to happen, the following figures might be more expensive, but they should all be high quality, so I’m sure no one would complain.


Price: 3,456 yen (including tax)
Pre-order period: June 15th 10:00 am ~ August 31st 11:00 pm
Release date: November

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