Hello everyone~

There was no news this past Friday (as I kind of expected) so the next time I update with merchandise news it will be in January 2018.

A lot has happened over the past year. We started with the return of the Pokedoll line, which has continued on and off throughout the year, and in fact one of the first releases for 2018 is more Pokedolls. The Monthly Pikachu Pair Plush series ended. We had a massive Eeveelution promotion drop suddenly and unexpectedly near the end of Spring and 1:1 sized Eeveelution plush were released. Mimikyu seemed to lose popularity as the year went on, while Alolan Vulpix skyrocketed. We ended the year off with great Halloween and Christmas/Winter promotions and are starting 2018 with lucky bags, a cute Pokemon Center promotion, Lycanroc Pokedolls, and Rainbow Rocket Pikachu plush further in January.

Thanks for sticking around! I hope 2018 will continue to be amazing and give us lots of cute Pokemon merchandise.

I finally opened my official Mikitzune store!
Check it out~

Not only does it have charms designed by myself (both Pokemon and Animal Crossing) I’m also currently selling some items from my personal collection as well as extras of items I picked up while in Japan. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to get in touch or send me a tweet.

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Finally, 2018 Lucky Bags!

I will be selling my extra lucky bags sometime after New Years. Keep an eye on my Twitter (@zombiemiki) for more information.

Happy New Year everyone!