Graniph Tshirt Store Pokemon Center

The Graniph T-Shirt Store is bringing a third collection of Pokemon themed t-shirts to Pokemon Centers & Stores in Japan on July 6th (Saturday).

Graniph Collection 3 A

Similar to previous releases, one of the designs (White Pikachu Pattern) will be available in both adults and kids sizes, so if you have children you can coordinate with them (or probably not depending on their age because that would be uncool).

This collection has four t-shirts

Graniph Collection 3 B

Three free size t-shirt dresses

Graniph Tshirt Store Pokemon Center

And one long sleeve button up shirt, featuring embroidered Pokemon detailing (including Horsea, Vaporeon, and Squirtle).

Graniph Design T-Shirt Store

Graniph is a t-shirt store that specializes in creating designs that combine t-shirts and art.
In their quest to create fashion art pieces, they release roughly 100 new designs every month. Along with a wide variety of speciality t-shirts, they also make t-shirt dresses and offer collaborations for artists, comic books, and pop culture characters from all over the world.

Release Overview

Name: Graniph T-Shirt Store Collaboration Part 3
Where: All Pokemon Centers in Japan
Release Date: July 6th, 2019 (Saturday)

Official JP Shop News

List of Items & Prices

T-Shirt (White Pikachu Pattern, Water Type, Diglett & Dugtrio, Ghost Type | Small, Medium, Large) – 3,240 yen each
T-Shirt (White Pikachu Pattern | Kids Size) – 2,700 yen

T-Shirt Dress (Water Type, Water Type Embroidery, Ghost Type | Free Size) – 3,888 yen each

Long Sleeve Shirt (Water Type | Small, Medium, Large) – 6,696 yen each

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