Pokemon Glow Up

Release Date: October 26th (Saturday)

Contact me via my contact form or by Twitter with a list of items you’re interested in + your location to get a shipping quote.

Cuddle Plush

Select from 1 of 3 plush: Dragonite & Dratini, Tyranitar & Larvitar, Goodra & Goomy.

$43 USD each + shipping

Baby Mascot Plush

Mascot plush of Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum, Gible, Deino, Goomy, and Jangmo-o.

$20 USD each + shipping

Dratini Neck Pillow

A Dratini neck pillow.

$35 USD + shipping

Bagon Tissue Box Cover

A plush cover for tissue boxes featuring Bagon on a roof.

$36 USD + shipping

Deino Hand Puppet

A Deino hand puppet.

$23 USD + shipping

Goomy Shower Poof

A shower poof with Goomy.

$17 USD + shipping

Gible Coin Pouch

A small pouch in the shape of Gible’s face.

$23 USD + shipping

Tyranitar Hourglass

An hourglass featuring Tyranitar and Larvitar.

$28 USD + shipping

Mug w/ Box

A cute Pokemon mug with a matching wooden box.

$25 USD + shipping

Acrylic Charm Collection

Blind packaged acrylic charms. 8 designs in total.

Single Charm: $12 USD each + shipping

Full Set of 8 Charms: $57 USD + shipping

Dice Bag

A cloth drawstring pouch.

Mini Size: $12 USD + shipping

Normal Size: $14 USD + shipping

Phone Case

iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Case: $40 USD + shipping

Phone Case for Medium Phones: $43 USD + shipping

Jangmo-o & Kommo-o Key Case

A case to hold small bills and keys.

$30 USD + shipping


A soft blanket with cute Pokemon and their baby forms.

$43 USD + shipping

Hand | Face Towel

Hand Towel: $12 USD + shipping

Face Towel: $17 USD + shipping

A4 Clearfile Set

An A4 sized clearfile with cute Pokemon and their baby forms.

$10 USD + shipping

Sticky Notes w/ Case

A set of Pokemon themed sticky notes with a matching case.

$15 USD + shipping

Sticker Assortment

An assortment of die-cut mini sized Pokemon stickers.

$12 USD + shipping

Washi Tape Set

Set of 2 washi tapes for decoration.

$13 USD + shipping

Pokemon Charm Sets

Select from: Dragonair & Dragonite, Tyranitar & Larvitar, Bagon & Salamence, Beldum & Metagross, Gible & Garchomp, Deino & Hydreigon, Goodra & Goomy, Jangmo-o & Kommo-o.

$14 USD per set + shipping

Card Pouch

A flat pouch with a flap on the back to hold cards like train passes.

$23 USD + shipping

Tote-Bag w/ Mini Bag

A tote-bag with a mini bag attached for fun.

$25 USD + shipping


A pouch featuring strong Pokemon and their baby forms.

$26 USD + shipping

Tupperware Set

A set of tupperware for holding food.

$20 USD + shipping

Mini Thermos

A Pokemon themed mini thermos for carrying drinks.

$28 USD + shipping

Lucky Egg Chocolate

Chocolate that looks like a Lucky Egg.

$14 USD + shipping

2-Tier Candy Box

A Pokemon themed candy box with both candy and cookies.

$20 USD + shipping