Today was a rainy and cloudy day in Tokyo.

So perfect for playing some games at the game centers!


I love Gloomy Bear. I don’t have a lot of the plushies because I don’t have enough room, but when I saw this plush, I knew I had to have it.


Round 1, unlike Adores, Sega, and Taito, usually set up larger plush in machines that require you to use one of the claws to push down on the plush until it falls. Depending on the strength of the claw and the popularity of the item, this can sometimes be difficult to impossible, or time consuming. Luckily for us, we were able to get this guy in under 1500 yen and only needed to ask for help from the staff one time.


The plush is a great size for a plush – not too big, but still perfect for cuddling. He could be softer, but is still very soft.


The charm points are definitely the collar and the heart detailing on his chest. That, along with the size, were what sold me.


This Gloomy is a special anniversary design, for the 9th anniversary of Gloomy Bears.


The tag is kind of boring – I wish they thought of something other than default tag. But it’s still cute!

All in all, an A+ plush! I definitely recommend him to any Gloomy collector.