Although most of the announcements for today centered on activities for children that are happening during the up-coming Golden Week, we did get two pieces of exciting news!



The best news was the announcement of the merchandise line-up for the aforementioned Trainer Collection ~ X Y Heroine ~ series. We were afraid the merch would be the usual girly stuff: mirrors, nail polish, combs, hair scrunchies, etc. Although there is a mirror, there is also charms, which is also appreciated and cute Pokemon! There is even a 3-D poster, which I’ve never seen sold in a promotion before.

Trainers Collection comes out May 16th, the same day as the next Monthly Pikachu plush.


We also got an announcement for round three of custom phone case ordering. All phone cases at the Pokemon Center are designed for whatever is the most popular and current iPhone at the time (right now, the iPhone 6) but occasionally the Center offers the opportunity to choose a design from a list and have it special ordered for phone sizes not usually sold directly in stores.

Phones supported in this round are:

    iPhone 6/6s
    iPhone 5/5s
    iPhone 5c
    Xperia Z3
    Xperia Z3 Compact