Today’s official Pokemon update contained some interesting tidbits!


Raichu, Mega Latios, and Mega Latias plush will go on sale in Japanese Pokemon Centers April 11th.

Dot sprite merchandise will also go on sale on the same day, although so far it looks to be mainly pokeballs and Pikachu.

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Speaking of Pikachu, a Pikachu focused promotion will also be coming out in April. This promotion will focus on three different design styles: 1 simple, 1 cartoony, and 1 northern European (according to the Pokemon site).


So far, this is the only image we have of merch related to the Pikachu focus promo, and it features some kitchen items that have been previously released.


Finally, a mini Pokemon store is opening in Narita airport at the end of April, coinciding with everyone in Japan traveling for Golden Week.
The store will feature two exclusive Pikachu plush (pilot Pikachu and cabin attendant Pikachu), as well as smaller plush mascot versions of the two, and the usual cookies, acrylic charms, and clearfiles.

If you are going through Narita airport after the store opens, be sure to stop by!

Until next Friday~