Today’s Pokemon Site update brought us a lot of new up-coming merchandise announcements… but lacked any information on the Idol Pikachu x Female Protagonist promo coming out later this month! Maybe next week.


First up, the official announcement for July’s Monthly Pikachu. July’s Pikachu is wearing a happi, which is traditional festival clothing – very appropriate for July since that’s when summer festival season starts! Pikachu goes on sale June 20th.


Another official announcement for items we already knew about – card sleeves! The two sleeves in the top row are new, while the three on the bottom are re-releases but with different coloring around the edges than the original release. These sleeves will also go on sale at Pokemon Centers from June 20th.



If Pikachu plush and card sleeves aren’t your thing, these slightly expensive t-shirts featuring the POKÉMON GRAPHIX logo go on sale at Pokemon Centers June 20th. If you buy a shirt, you will get a special pouch, also with the logo, for free!


Need to get your summer homework done? Never fear, for Pokemon is here to help with these new sets of stationary featuring Pikachu and legendary Pokemon from the up-coming summer Pokemon movie. These items also go on sale from June 20th.


Last but certainly not least, we finally have a merch line-up for the Hiroshima Center Grand Opening!




Of the items available, the following will be exclusive to the Hiroshima Center:

    Hiroshima Center Logo Pin
    Hiroshima Center Pikachu Theme Playing Cards
    Shiny Pikados – A4 Clearfile
    Shiny Pikados – Plush
    Shiny Pikados – Mascot Plush


Along with the usual items (charm sets and blind packaged charms, plush, tote bags, etc), the Pokemon Center will also be offering two special items. The first is a collaboration between Pokemon and Casio. This digital camera will retail for 23,000 yen + tax.


This special TCG box set will also be available! 1 box set contains:

    Premium holo cards – Karpchu + Pikados
    5 packs from the “Bandit Ring” expansion set
    1 deck case
    1 full set of card sleeves (62 sleeves)
    Long card box

All Hiroshima merchandise goes on sale from June 26th (Friday), which is also when the Hiroshima officially opens.