The Eevee hype train keeps rolling!






These Eeveelution necklaces will go on pre-order at all Pokemon Centers in Japan from June 6th until July 12th. These necklaces will be made to order and will be sent directly to customers starting in early August. Each Eeveelution charm and necklace comes in three types: silver (15,000 yen), yellow gold (49,000 yen), and pink gold (65,000 yen).


If Eevees still aren’t your thing, along with the Hoopa plush coming out June 6th, these new additions to the Pokemon With You charity line also come out June 6th!


These cute Pikachu gacha figures will be released sometime in early June. They are designed to easily clip onto the rims of glasses, making your drinks extra cute and electrified! 1 gacha turn = 300 yen.


On the heels of the popular ghost-type bags, Village Vanguard is offering another batch of exclusive Pokemon collaboration items, this time umbrellas! Available in two designs, they will go on sale from June 8th, just in time for rainy season.


Finally, we still don’t have merchandise aside from the Karpchus announced yet, but the Pokemon site did announce a special campaign available at the Hiroshima Center only. The bag on the left will be given to the first 10,000 visitors to the new Hiroshima Pokemon Center, and if you spend over 4,000 yen, you can get 1 of the charms pictured on the right.

May we get photos of the Eevee plush between now and June 6th!