We had a couple of smaller announcements this past Friday.


In honor of the Pokemon themed Splatoon battle fest that was just announced, Pokemon Centers will be selling red and green Splatoon x Pokemon collaboration t-shirts starting from February 20th.


These posters advertising the Dot Sprite promo and 20th Anniversary Nendoroid set went up in Pokemon Centers on Saturday and also advertise big size starter plush that will also go on sale from February 27th.


Charmander and Squirtle will retail for 5,500 yen + tax, while Bulbasaur will retail for 8,800 yen + tax.


In card game news, along with the announcement for the next Break expansion pack featuring Mega Alakazam, a bunch of new card sleeves were also (secretly) announced.
Most of the card sleeves will go on sale from March 18th and all designs are exclusive to the Pokemon Center, except for Zygarde Perfect Forme.


This set of card sleeves will go on sale April 1st.


These two Mega Battle Decks, featuring Perfect Zygarde and Mega Audino, will also go on sale on the 18th.

Splatoon Crossover
Perfect Battle Deck
Card Sleeves