We got a couple 20th Anniversary related announcements this Friday afternoon.


First up, in honor of the 20th Anniversary, a special Red and Green Nendoroid Set will be released July 9th, 2016. The set also includes Mew, 2 pokeballs, and 1 knapsack. Pre-order period starts February 27th and ends March 31st and pre-orders can be made at all Pokemon Centers and stores in Japan, the official Amazon Pokemon Store, and the Pokemon EXPO Gym. Retail price for this set is 7,500 yen + tax.


Continuing the 20th Anniversary theme, a new Dot Sprite promotion, this time focusing exclusively on Red / Green sprites, will go on sale in all Pokemon Centers and stores around Japan on February 27th.

Full line-up includes:

Die-Cut Cushions (Charizard, Lapras, Pikachu) 2,500 yen each + tax


Acrylic Blind Packaged Charms – 450 yen each


Pen Case (Group, Pikachu) 800 yen each + tax


Day Pack – 8,200 yen + tax
Boston Bag (Small) – 6,800 yen + tax


New Era 59 Fifty Cap (Pikachu | 7 3/8, 7 1/2) 5,900 yen each + tax
New Era 9 Fifty Cap (Dot Sprite) 5,400 yen + tax


Clearfile Set – 280 yen + tax
Sticker Sheet – 500 yen + tax


Hand Towel – 400 yen + tax
Scarf Towel – 1,000 yen + tax


Blind Packaged T-Shirt Collection (free size) 1,500 yen each
Die Cut Memo Pad – 450 yen + tax


Last but not least, the official Pokemon Center On-Line store will be opening on February 16th. It looks like the site will be exclusive to residents in Japan, but if you do live in Japan, there are several campaigns to take advantage of. First off, register an account between now and February 14th to automatically receive 100 points on your account.


The complete set of framed Red/Green gym badges will be available on the on-line store for pre-order from February 16th 10 am ~ March 18th 11:59 pm, with the release date being mid June.
Retail price for the complete set is 18,000 yen + tax.


Spend 5,000 yen or more and you will randomly receive one of these 3 A4 sized document cases along with your order. While supplies last!

Free shipping will also be available for all orders of 3,000 yen or more.

Stay tuned for more campaigns as part of the grand opening of the on-line store!

There is rumors that more news will be surfacing later today, but I guess we’ll see when the time goes.


Don’t forget tomorrow is the release of the Little Tales promotion!

Nendoroid Set
Dot Sprite Series
Online Store Opening