We didn’t get much on Friday, but the Pokemon Center did give us a little tease for the Sapporo Center Re-opening promotion happening December 1st.


The promotion will be based on this graphic, which is unfortunately a little small and blurry, but! We better get a plush version of that Vulpix!


We got information on everything but the goods. First up, all Pokemon Centers will be giving away these limited Sapporo Center shopping bags with every purchase.


Sapporo keychains will also be given out to customers, 1 per every 4,000 yen spent. This design will be available at all Pokemon Centers


While this design will only be available at the Sapporo Center.


The Sapporo Center will also be giving out these mini art cards for free to all visitors (while supplies last).


A special Sapporo illustration card will be given out for every 5 booster packs of cards bought at any Pokemon Center around Japan.

(And if you have your Moon/Sun game, you’ll be able to pick up an Alolan form Vulpix for your game!)



As an aside, all the Pokemon Centers with three Pokemon in their logos will get re-designed logos from November 18th featuring the new Sun and Moon starters.

The next time I update, I’ll be back in Japan! Until then~

Sapporo Center Move and Re-opening