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Quick reminder: All merchandise on my store is currently discounted for the next few hours (from this posting). Even after the sale period is over, my designs will still be available for purchase on a variety of merch, including t-shirts and mugs. I’ll be adding new designs on a fairly regular basis, so if you like my art, stay tuned for more cuteness!

Pokemon Center With Pikachu Terrarium Figures

The popular Terrarium blind packaged figures is coming out with a Pokemon Center exclusive set, featuring Pikachu!

Called “With Pikachu” (Pikachu to Issho) these blind packaged figures will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers & Stores around Japan starting August 10th (Saturday). The set has 6 terrarium figures in total and each figure will cost 864 yen including tax.

Pokemon Center Pokemon Time Vol 11

Pokemon Time is returning for another year in a row with the 11th volume of the popular series, with a release scheduled for August 25th (Saturday).

The three main Pokemon for Vol 11 are Rowlet, Mimikyu, and Cosmog. The 5 secondary (support?) Pokemon are Litten, Popplio, Bewear, Midnight Lycanroc, and Alolan Vulpix. At this point it is unclear if the trainers (Lillie, Acerola, and Moon) will be included in the actual merchandise because…

… there is currently no photos of any of the merchandise. The Pokemon Center announced the release, gave us a list of items, and nothing else. Which is really frustrating!! Be assured that I will post photos of merchandise as soon as I can find them but for now, items of note:

There will be 3 main plush (Rowlet, Mimikyu, and Cosmog)
There will be 8 mascot plush (Alolan Vulpix, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Mimikyu, Midnight Lycanroc, Bewear, and Cosmog)
There will be no figure charms, but there will be a figure collection gacha set (so far, Rowlet, Mimikyu, and Cosmog are confirmed, but there should be a couple others)
There will be the usual blind packaged candy tins, with 8 tin designs + 1 secret.
There will be socks featuring all 8 Pokemon, similar to the last Pokemon Time release.

The plush especially should be fairly nice quality simply based on the price, but I guess we’ll see for sure when photos surface.

Merchandise Line-Up

Plush (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 4,104 yen each
Mascot Plush (Alolan Vulpix, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Mimikyu, Midnight Lycanroc, Bewear, and Cosmog) – 1,404 yen each

Kira-kira Can Collection (Ramune Candy Tins – Blind Packaged) – 540 yen each
* 8 designs + 1 secret design
Figure Collection – 300 yen per play
* gacha figures

A4 Clearfile Set (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 518 yen each
A4 Clearfile (Alolan Vulpix, Litten, Popplio, Midnight Lycanroc, Bewear) – 260 yen each

IIIIfit® for iPhone 8/7/6s/6 (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 3,240 yen each
T-Shirt (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog | Small, Medium, Large) – 3,996 yen each
Pouch (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 1,728 yen each
Memo Set w/ Box (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 864 yen each
Ball-point Pen (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 540 yen each

Socks (Alolan Vulpix, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Mimikyu, Midnight Lycanroc, Bewear, Cosmog) – 1,080 yen for 3 pairs of socks

Pokemon Center Shoulder Plush Eevee Pikachu Mimikyu

Last but not least, these three mascot plush (Pikachu, Eevee, and Mimikyu) were added to the Pokemon Center on-line store on Friday, with a release date set for Saturday the 28th (tomorrow Japan time). These plush come with a small strap you can use to attach them to things, like your shoulder.

Each plush costs 1,800 yen after tax.

That wraps up everything for this week. Until next time~

With Pikachu Terrarium Figures
Pokemon Time Vol 11