Welcome to the very last Pokemon Friday Announcements post in 2015! (applause, cheering, a little sadness)


Let’s start off with one of the biggest news: Pokemon Time Part 9! Our last Pokemon Time installment was only about 6 months ago, so it’s a little surprising they’re bringing out the next round so soon (January 9th), but otherwise, no complaints!


This set seems to have a clear focus on Piplup (and Lucario) for most of the items, including pouches


Bags, cups


Plates, and phone cases.


As usual there will also be clearfiles


All the clearfiles come in a set of 2


And feature 11 different Pokemon!


Of course, what is a Pokemon Time promotion without blind packaged something (at least they’re giving us a break from the summer when it seemed like half the items were blind packaged!)

Merch Line-Up
Prices do not include tax

Figure Straps – 11 types | 560 yen each (Budew, Buizel, Chimchar, Garchomp, Lucario, Piplup, Shaymin, Shinx, Starly, Togekiss, Turtwig)
Plush Cushions – 3 types | 4,800 yen each (Budew, Buizel, Togekiss)
A4 Clearfile Set – 11 types | 400 yen each (Budew, Buizel, Chimchar, Garchomp, Lucario, Piplup, Shaymin, Shinx, Starly, Togekiss, Turtwig)
Gold Lacquer Stickers – 6 types | 500 yen each (Budew, Lucario, Piplup, Shaymin, Shinx, Togekiss)
Masking Tape – 600 yen
Towel Handkerchief – 2 types | 1,500 yen each (Lucario, Piplup)
Pouch – 2 types | 1,850 yen each (Lucario, Piplup)
Tote Bag – 2 types | 3,000 yen each (Lucario, Piplup)
Melamin Cup – 2 types | 500 yen each (Piplup, Group)
Melamin Plate – 2 types | 700 yen each (Piplup, Group)
iPhone 6 / 6s Phone Case – 2 types | 1,880 yen each (Lucario, Group)
Rubber Strap Collection – 500 yen
Puchi Tin Collection – 380 yen

Pokemon Time Socks (3 pairs for 1,000 yen)
9 types | (Budew, Chimchar, Lucario, Pikachu, Piplup, Shaymin, Shinx, Togekiss, Turtwig)


Next up, Pokemon Sketch – another January 9th release!


This time, the Sketch series will focus on Mudkip, Eevee, and Lucario, and will include (unsurprisingly) sketch books


Train pass cases


Dice bags, in two different sizes


Pouches, mini hand towels


And the ever popular “free box”, which isn’t actually free.

Merch Line-Up
Prices do not include tax

6 Pocket Clearfile (Eevee, Lucario, Mudkip) | 470 yen each
Stickers (Eevee, Lucario, Mudkip) | 300 yen each
Sketchbook (Eevee, Lucario, Mudkip) | 400 yen each
Mini Dice Bag (Eevee, Lucario, Mudkip) | 400 yen each
Dice Bag (Eevee, Lucario, Mudkip) | 600 yen each
Pouch (Eevee, Lucario, Mudkip) | 1,200 yen each
Pass Case (Eevee, Lucario, Mudkip) | 930 yen each
Hand Towel (Eevee, Lucario, Mudkip) | 500 yen each
Free Box (Eevee, Lucario, Mudkip) | 1,000 yen each
Memo Stand (Eevee, Lucario, Mudkip) | 500 yen each


Coinciding with the official release of the 2DS console in Japan, there will be 4 special 2DS Pokemon Bundle Packs coming out February 27th.

Each pack will include:

1 2DS (clear blue, clear green, clear red, or clear yellow, depending on the game)
1 4GB Memory Card (with a virtual console version of Pokemon Blue, Green, Red, or Yellow)
1 Town Map
1 Mew Download Code
1 Mew Ticket

The bundle packs will be available for pre-order from December 26th.


If the New 3DS is more your thing, we’ve got news for you as well! 2 New 3DS plates are coming out February 27th featuring generation 1 Pokemon sprites. Each set of plates retails for 2,000 yen + tax.


In TCG news, the next concept pack has been announced (Cute Pokemon Collection) and will come out January 29th.


Last but certainly not least, the ever popular Pokemon Little Tales collaboration series is returning for a third time on February 6th! More information coming soon ~

What was your favorite Pokemon Center promotion from 2015? What was your favorite piece of merch? Your favorite plush? What was your least favorite? What are you hoping to see in 2016?

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