The New Years is right around the corner, but at Japanese Pokemon Centers, it’s coming a little early!

The official Pokemon New Years 2018 promotion will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan starting November 11th (Saturday).

As usual, it won’t be very big but will feature the yearly kagami-mochi and daruma doll style plush and other more traditional Japanese style New Years decorations and items.

Full Line-Up

New Years Plush

Rowlet Kagami-Mochi Plush – 1,728 yen
Calabash Pikachu Plush – 972 yen
Daruma Litten Plush – 972 yen

New Years 2018 Decorations

Mini Kado-Matsu – 800 yen
Mini Shime-Kazari – 800 yen

New Years 2018

Metal Charm Set – 778 yen
Rowlet Kagami-Mochi Pouch – 648 yen
A4 Clearfile Set – 432 yen
New Years Postcard Set – 313 yen
Handkerchief – 540 yen
Stickers – 486 yen

A Selene Figma is currently up for pre-order. The pre-order period will last from October 27th (Friday) until November 29th (Wednesday) at 9 pm Japan time.

The Figma can be pre-ordered through the Pokemon Center On-Line store or the official Good Smile Shop.

Links: Pokemon Center On-Line | JP Good Smile | EN Good Smile | AmiAmi | US Pokemon Center

The figure comes with tiny figures of Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet, along with a removable bag and z-ring bracelet.

Selene Bonus Items

There is a pre-order bonus for ordering through the Good Smile or Pokemon Center store. The bonus item is the same for both stores (a mini Dex Rotom figure) but the expression is different.

Smiling Rotom (first photo) is the Pokemon Center bonus item; surprised Rotom (second photo) is the Good Smile bonus item.

That wraps up the announcements for this week!

Hopefully next week we’ll get info on the Ultra Sun Ultra Moon release day items.

Until next time~

Pokemon New Years 2018