Tonight’s update mainly included a bunch of Japan only campaign information and up-coming merchandise, but we got some semi-exciting (?) Pokemon Center news as well.



The Gotochi line of Pokemon merchandise is a sort of souvenir series. Different items are available exclusively to the region the item represents, so for example, you can usually only buy the Pikachu Maid charm, representing Akihabara, in Tokyo. The Gotochi line up until now has only had figure straps and keychains, but now we have a brand new type of item: pins! These pins will go on sale in their respective regions starting from the end of July.


Every summer, 7-11 has some sort of Pokemon related campaign. This year’s campaign has two parts. The two Pikachu charms (Magician / Summer Festival) are fairly easy to get: visit a participating 7-11 and buy 2 onigiri or 2 Pokemon products and you can get 1 charm (until supplies run out). The plush are, of course, raffle prizes with only 300 winners across Japan. Customers receive a serial number worth 1 point for every 200 yen spent on selected ready to eat foods or Pokemon products. 2 points are required to apply to win either the Magician or Summer Festival Pikachu plush.


If you live around the Yokohama area, visit the Yokohama Pokemon Center between August 8th ~ August 16th and spend at least 500 yen to get 1 of these Pikachu Carnival themed stickers.


In honor of August 10th being “Slowpoke Day”, the Pokemon Center is giving us a re-release of the Slowpoke pokedoll, a semi re-release of the Slowpoke tail charm (but in a bigger size), Slowpoke lazy plush, and the Pikachu Carnival Slowpoke mascot plush (release date: August 1st). There is a good chance the Slowpoke lazy plush will not be released on their own, so hopefully we will get more information soon on what other Pokemon will be included in Round 2!

Last but not least, a new series of merchandise: Pokemon Sketch!





This series, coming to Pokemon Centers August 8th, is targeted at adults and features items that can be used for work, at home, or at school.

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