Today’s Pokemon announcements brought us mainly TCG and the next installment of the popular PokeMikke series.


The “Rage of the Broken Sky” expansion pack is set to come out December 11th. This expansion pack features the very first appearance of a Mega Gyarados card, and as an extra bonus, it’s also shiny!


Although no set release date (as usual), the third round of the stationary and every-day sundries PokeMikke series, will start to appear in stores around the end of November. Continuing with the sweets theme from the second installment, this set features Pokemon with candy and cakes; a perfect combination!


Some of the up-coming product photos were released on the official PokeMikke site, including pen/pencil pouches


Notebooks, memo pads




And the first time ever since the start of this series, rubber charms!

Merchandise Line-Up
(Prices do not include tax)

Standing Pen Pouch – 1,600 yen
A4 Clearfile – 300 yen
A5 3 Pocket Clearfile – 300 yen
B6 Ringed Notebook – 400 yen
Keyboard Memo – 320 yen
Block Memo Pad – 600 yen
Schedule Book stickers – 300 yen
Bookmark / Label – 420 yen
Masking Tape – 400 yen
Melamin Cup – 600 yen
Rubber Charm – 600 yen

Not everything is pictured and there is a good chance there will be more items aside from what’s currently listed, similar to previous releases.


Last but not least, the Pokemon Chiku-Chiku Sewing promotion comes out tomorrow! I can’t wait to see that cute Vulpix plush in person ~

PokeMikke (Official Pokemon Site)
Rage of the Broken Sky