As expected, the Pokemon site gave us more information on the up-coming Pikachu Mega Campaign coming out December 12th!



Along with official photos of each of the main Mega Pikachu plush



Mascot plush are confirmed for each Mega Pikachu


Along with acrylic charms, and a couple other surprises!

Merchandise Lineup
Prices do not include tax

Mega Pikachu Plush – 2,000 yen (each)
Mega Pikachu Mascot Plush – 1,200 yen (each)
Poncho w/ Hood (Mega Charizard X | Mega Charizard Y) – 3,600 yen
A4 Clearfile Set – 1,680 yen
Die-cut Acrylic Mega Pikachu Charm – 650 yen (each)
Die-cut Acrylic Charm Collection – 500 yen
Die-cut Masking Tape (Mega Charizard X | Mega Charizard Y) – 800 yen
Mega Pikachu Sticker – 200 yen (each)
Sticker Sheet – 500 yen
Mega Pikachu Hand Towel – 500 yen (each)
Pass Case (Mega Charizard X | Mega Charizard Y) – 930 yen
Pouch – 1,500 yen


For all the Steven Stone lovers out there, your time has come. A bunch of Steven Stone goods will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers across Japan on December 26th.


The mega lapel pin is the gem of the promotion


But there will be other neat things as well, such as mugs, charms


And card sleeves, among others!

Merchandise Lineup
Prices do not include tax

Mega Lapel Pin – 8,000 yen
BIG Rubber Keyholder Collection – 650 yen
Print Metal Charm set – 600 yen
A4 Clearfile – 240 yen
Comic Style Stationary Set – 500 yen
Comic Style Memopad – 480 yen
Postcard Set (4) – 500 yen
Sticker Set – 600 yen
Hand Towel – 500 yen
Stainless Steel Mug – 1,200 yen
iPhone 6/6s Phone Case – 1,880 yen
Can Badge Set (3) – 750 yen
Glasses Case – 2,000 yen
T-Shirt (S|M|L) – 3,000 yen
B2 Tapestry – 3,000 yen
Card Sleeves – 362 yen


Last but not least, a special Pikachu Mega Shop will begin operating alongside the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center from December 12th until January 31st. The mini store will offer regional Pikachu merchandise and will also have a special showcase corner of previously released Pikachu merchandise.

Photos and news from the latest issue of Pokemon Fan coming soon!

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Pikachu Happy Campaign