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As I expected, the Pokemon Center finally gave us the official merchandise list for this year’s Halloween promotion… but not many pictures yet again. Although at least we did get pictures of all the plush and a couple extras (unlike when Pokemon Time was originally announced…)

Pokemon Center Pikachu Halloween Party 2018

As mentioned previously, the Halloween promotion will drop September 8th (Saturday) at all Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan.

Halloween 2018 Plush

This year’s promotion doesn’t have quite as extensive a selection as past years however on the other hand we have 6 plush and 4 mascot plush, which is a lot for a Pokemon Center promotion.

The Halloween promotion is divided into two parts: Team Treat (with Pikachu) and Team Trick (with Mimikyu).

The three main plush for Team Treat are Pikachu, Ampharos, and Sylveon. The three main plush for Team Trick are Mimikyu, Pumpkaboo, and Gengar.
Each plush will cost 1,944 yen including tax.

The two mascot plush for Team Treat are Umbreon and Dedenne. The two mascot plush for Team Trick are Banette and Sableye.
Each mascot plush will cost 1,296 yen including tax.

Pokemon Center Pikachu Halloween Party 2018

Along with the plush, there will also be two sets of A4 size clearfiles, with 3 designs per set (410 yen including tax per set).

Pokemon Center Pikachu Halloween Party 2018

Cookie tins, with one design for Team Treat and one for Team Trick (972 yen including tax per tin)

Halloween 2018 Cookies

Each tin comes with print cookies – cookies with Pokemon printed on them. As probably assumed, the Team Trick cookie tin will have cookies featuring Team Trick Pokemon, and same for Team Treat.

Halloween 2018 Charms

There will be two types of blind packaged charms – each will cost 540 yen including tax for a single charm.

Team Treat is acrylic charms and has 9 charm designs in total (Banette, Sableye, Gengar, Bewear, Pumpkaboo, Misdreavus, Mimikyu, Rotom)

Team Trick is metal charms and has 8 charm designs in total (Eevee, Vulpix Pair, Swirlix/Whimsicott/Vanillite, Espeon, Umbreon, Sylveon, Ampharos, Pikachu, Dedenne)

Not Pictured

B6 Double Ringed Notebook (Team Treat | Team Trick) – 702 yen each
B7 Assorted Memo Sheets (Team Treat | Team Trick) – 432 yen each
Assorted Stickers (Team Treat | Team Trick) – 540 yen each
Dice Bag (Team Treat | Team Trick) – 648 yen each

Mug w/ Lid (Team Treat) – 1,512 yen
Heat Changing Mug (Team Trick) – 1,512 yen

The final photos for the Pokemon Time Vol 11 release coming out tomorrow (Saturday August 25th) surfaced so better late than never!

Pokemon Time Vol 11 Pokemon Center Plush

First up: three surprise plush!

For the first time in Pokemon Time history, the Pokemon Center is selling human plush.

Pre-orders for Acerola, Lillie, and Moon will start August 25th (Saturday) at 10 am and close September 30th (Sunday) at 11:59 pm JP time.
Plush are scheduled to ship out January 2019.

Each plush costs 4,104 yen with tax.

Pokemon Time Vol 11 Pokemon Center Gacha Figures

Along with plush, the three trainers will join their companion Pokemon (Cosmog, Rowlet, and Mimikyu) for the Pokemon Time gacha, making two more firsts for the Pokemon Time series.

Pokemon Time Vol 11 Pokemon Center Plush

As I sort of expected, the three main Pokemon Time plush look pretty much the same as their mascot plush counter parts… simply bigger.

Pokemon Time Vol 11 Pokemon Center Skajan Hats

We also finally can see the very original skajan inspired hats from the skajan portion of the Pokemon Time release!

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center announcements.
All items mentioned in this post can be pre-ordered through Japanstuffs.com so check them out if you’re interested!

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Pikachu Halloween Party 2018
Pikachu Halloween Party 2018 – Daisuki Club