Hello everyone!

First of all, a big apology for slacking in the news. The past week especially has been a little hectic but I am once again back in the US. Now that things are settled on various fronts, expect to see some changes which have been in the works for months now. But in the meantime…part 1 of some amazing Pokemon merch announcements!

First up and perhaps most exciting of all, new Pokemon Center exclusive plush were announced last week! This newest set of plush will go on sale December 23rd (Friday) and includes Alola Marowak, Alola Meowth, Alola Raichu, Mimikyu, and Bewear.

All plush included in this set will cost the same price: 1,620 yen including tax.

If you’re more of a Gen 2 person, then I have exciting news for you as well! First up, brand new Gen 2 Pokemon Center exclusive plush will also be going on sale at all Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan on December 23rd (Friday). The line-up for this set includes: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Espeon, Slowking, Totodile, and Umbreon. Each plush will cost 1,620 yen except for Slowking who is a little bigger and will sell for 2,160 yen after tax.

Don’t like plush? That’s okay! We have a second part to the previously released Kanto blind packaged badge collection, featuring characters and Pokemon from the Johto region! There will be 19 different designs with each blind packaged badge costing 324 yen, and they will also go on sale at all Pokemon Centers and Stores across Japan on December 23rd (Friday).

Love the Johto Region and badges but want something a little fancier that you can hang up on your wall so you can impress your friends and family? A little specifically picky but that’s cool, the Pokemon Center has your back!

This lovely set of Johto Region Gym Badges, which includes a fancy frame, will be available for pre-order exclusively through the Japanese Pokemon Center On-Line store. The set will retail for 19,440 yen (including tax). The pre-order period will run from December 23rd 10:00 (Friday) 2016 until January 29th 23:59 (Sunday) 2017, and the badges will be sent out to customers at the end of April.

Last but not least, if you love badges and love collecting things and also love generation 1, these larger than usual sized badges will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers and Stores across Japan on… *drumroll* December 23rd (Friday)!

For once, the badges will NOT be blind packaged – you love Eevee? Buy Eevee! You love Magmar? Buy five! Make an ita-bag of Magmars. You do you!

For a full view of all the badge designs, check out the original announcement post here. I promise, all the original 151 Pokemon are included. Each badge will cost 216 yen and for those curious cats out there, the badges will be a little under 3 inches.

Stay tuned for announcements part 2!
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